What are the Benefits of Installing Screen Enclosures?

With screen enclosures installed on your home, expect a plethora of benefits. This addition is popular with Westby residents because they know it is something that makes life a little bit easier. It won’t take long to discover this firsthand. Learn more about the benefit of screen enclosures westby wi installation below.

More Space

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One reason people add screen enclosures to the home is the added space that it offers. Although the space isn’t as large as a room, it is plenty big enough to sit inside and relax and unwind after a hard day.


Perhaps adding on another room to the house is something that you’d like, but it is out of your budget. Install a screen enclosure addition instead. It is an inexpensive addition that most homeowners can afford.

Fewer Hassles

Want to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine outside but hate the idea of the pests that come out to bite you, the harmful UV rays and the other threats? You can sit outside and get that fresh air inside of a screen enclosure without these added worries.

Added Value

Once you add a screen enclosure to the home, expect it to add value to the property. If you decide to sell the home in the future, you will attract more buyers who will be willing to pay more money for the home when there is a screen enclosure in place. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Screen Enclosure at Your Home

There are many reasons to consider adding screen enclosures to your home, including those outlined above. Talk to a professional to learn more about screen enclosures and the many benefits they can provide to your home and to your family.