What to Expect During the Jail Booking Process

No one ever wants to end up in jail, but all it takes is one bad decision to end up in that situation. Hopefully, you never end up in a situation where you are facing charges and time in jail, but if that time does come around, knowing a bit about what to expect could help prepare you and aid you in knowing what to do if you find yourself in jail.

The first thing you should do is remember not to panic and that you should be able to find a way to bail out in a relatively small amount of time. You can either get in touch with your family to try to bail you out, or you can call local bailbonds Santa Barbara professionals at companies such as Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara, who specialize in helping bail inmates out of jail.

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The Booking Process

When you get to the station after being arrested, you can expect the booking process to begin before you are placed in your cell. You also have to go through this process before you are able to bail out.

You will generally have your name taken down on a computer system, along with a blotter detailing your alleged crime. You’ll then be set up for your mugshot, where your picture will be taken for your records. You’ll also have to remove your clothing and put on clothes issued with the jail, and have a full-body search done.

A check will also be done to ensure you don’t have any outstanding warrants, and will be asked questions about your life and affiliations, along with previous crimes or drug use, if applicable. Once all this is done, you will be taken to your cell block, where you will be able to wait until you are bailed out.

Don’t Wait—Bail Out!

As soon as you have the chance to make your phone call, get in touch with a family member or call a bail bondsman directly and let them know you need help bailing out of jail. As long as you show up to your scheduled court dates, a bail bondsman will be happy to help you get out jail and back into the comfort of your own home.